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      Kindly be informed that from the 1st Jan 2019 until April 2019, We will carry out improvement works to our lobby and guest reception getting them ready for fresh new look and feel at The Opposite House in 2019.
      Reservation assistance +86 10 6417 6688

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      With its mix of old and new, East and West, Beijing offers a wide variety of experiences that will satisfy even seasoned travellers. Jostle with locals for the best breakfast at street stalls and spend the afternoon taking in the magnificence of the Forbidden City before sampling gourmet fusion cuisine by renowned international chefs.

      Discover Beijing

      Around Beijing


      Beijing Street Snacks TourFood & Drinks

      Beijing Street Snacks Tour

      Leave your preconceptions at the door as you sample Beijing’s tastiest snacks and tour one of the city’s most local neighborhoods.

      RSVP by emailing guestexperience@theoppositehouse.com or call +86 10 64105000.

      The Beijing Hutong TourCulture

      The Beijing Hutong Tour

      Get a glimpse of the real Beijing with a local who has lived in the hutongs his entire life.

      RSVP by emailing guestexperience@theoppositehouse.com or call +86 10 64105000.

      Capital MFood & Drinks

      Capital M

      Michelle Garnault’s third restaurant, following M on the bund and M at the fringe has arrived in the capital city after 7 years in the making. This international dining spot offers stunning views of Tian’anmen Square, with outdoor terraces that look directly onto Tian’anmen.

      Su SuFood & Drinks

      Su Su

      Housed in one of the most stunning renovated courtyard spaces in Beijing, this Vietnamese restaurant offers specialty dishes and modern rendition of classics. Their service is great and it features spare modern furnishings with a bright courtyard and rooftop for outdoor dining.

      Beijing Zoo & AquariumKids

      Beijing Zoo & Aquarium

      If you aren't going to get a chance to see Panda's in Chengdu, you will still have an opportunity here in Beijing. The zoo is a touch less inviting then other international zoos considering how happy the residents are looking but the aquarium is good fun for the kids. About 15 km from The Opposite House.

      Chaoyang ParkKids

      Chaoyang Park

      Beijing’s biggest park at over 288 hectares is a short cab ride from Sanlitun. Just about every major sport is possible and the park is good for joggers and sun loungers alike. Remember – a small entrance fee might be charged and no bicycles allowed inside. About 3 km from the Opposite House.

      Happenings at Taikoo LiCulture

      Happenings at Taikoo Li

      Taikoo Li Sanlitun, located at the junction of the Worker’s Stadium North Road and Sanlitun Road in Chaoyang District, Beijing, comprising two sites with a total site area of approximately 53,000 sqm (over 566,000 sq ft), and a total floor area of over 136,000 sqm (approximately 1.47 million sq ft)* spreading over 19 buildings, including a 99-room intriguing urban hotel, The Opposite House.

      Built around the bustling hutongs of Taikoo Li Sanlitun, taking inspiration from the courtyards and alleyways of Beijing's past and mixing it with its more worldly cosmopolitan present, the development will include over 200 shops, plus cafés, restaurants and bars, an eight-screen MEGABOX cinema, a unique cultural entertainment space and parking for more than 800 cars.

      * Gross floor area excludes car park areas

      Forbidden CityCulture

      Forbidden City

      A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987, the Forbidden City sits in the centre of Beijing and is the biggest courtyard in the world with a total area of over 720,000 sqm, with 9999 buildings surrounded by ten-metre high walls. The Palace Museum carries treasures from two dynasties, the Ming and the Qing. About 6 km from The Opposite House.

      6 km | 36 mins

      Temple of HeavenCulture

      Temple of Heaven

      Built in the 1420's during the Ming dynasty, the Temple of Heaven is a magnificent display of Chinese architecture. Originally four temples were created to offer prayers and sacrifices - Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon - but only the Temple of Heaven is best preserved. Designated as a UNESCO site in 1998, this stunning place is definitely worth a visit. About 9 km from The Opposite House.

      9 km | 40 mins

      Summer PalaceCulture

      Summer Palace

      Built in 1750, the Summer Palace was the Emperor's garden. It was however destroyed a hundred years later by the Anglo-French Allied Forces. Rebuilt during the Qing dynasty, it became the infamous Empress Dowager Cixi's urban retreat. Covering over 290 hectares, the garden comprises of natural scenery and a massive man made lake along with many different styles of ancient buildings. About 24 km from The Opposite House.

      24 km|49 mins

      Hutong & SiHeYuanCulture

      Hutong & SiHeYuan

      "Hutong" means "water wells" in Mongolian and were used to describe the alleys and small streets surrounding the Forbidden City during the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368AD). Many of the original Hutongs have been destroyed and present day initiatives have designated many as protected heritage sites. "SiHeYuans" are traditional courtyard homes - a private common area surrounded by four buildings, one at each compass point.

      798 Art ZoneCulture

      798 Art Zone

      798 was the first contemporary art zone in Beijing, turning abandoned factories into modern art galleries and making use of the lofty space and north-facing windows. Discover the works of Chinese artist Zhang XiaoGang and explore the Ullen's Center for Contemporary Art. CaoChangDi is a 10-minute drive away, nurturing aspiring artists from around Asia. About 13 km from The Opposite House.

      13 km | 50 mins

      Blue ZooCulture

      Blue Zoo

      Blue Zoo Beijing is the first five-star ocean aquarium in Beijing. It was built cooperatively by China and New Zealand and it boasts the longest acrylic underwater tunnel in Asia. Through the transparent and winding underwater tunnel, visitors can get close-up views of various marine creatures and feel like being in the underwater themselves. You will also see experienced divers feed and play with the large and ferocious sharks, small but agile seahorses thread their way among the colorful coral thickets; in addition, you can also go to the educational center to attend lectures and watch audio visual presentations about marine life, or shop for marine souvenirs at the gift shop.

       Temple东景缘 presents James Turrell’s Gathered Sky Culture

      Temple东景缘 presents James Turrell’s Gathered Sky

      The visionary artist James Turrell awed the audience with a retrospective at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and a monumental installation at Guggenheim in New York in 2013. The first and only Skyspace by James Turrell in China, Gathered Sky is located at Temple东景缘, adjacent to a Qing dynasty temple complex and just steps away from the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. Exceptionally open for "Sunset Session" viewings during Beijing Design Week 2013, Gathered Sky by James Turrell was an instant success, with a full house every evening. Due to the great demand, Temple东景缘 proudly opened Gathered Sky to the general public every Sunday in 2014 and it is currently also open to the public on Saturdays and Mondays at sunset.

      A Skyspace consists of a room with an oculus, an opening on the ceiling, which allows viewers to contemplate the naked sky. The design and architecture of Skyspaces follow Turrell's meticulous specifications, and are conceived in such a way as to remove everything but the light, to create the ideal setting in which viewers can observe the spectacular interplay between artificial and natural light. The sky, something that is normally beyond human reach, is brought down to our level.

      The experience of Turrell's art require a degree of surrender: surrender of your preconceived notions and certitudes.

      For enquiries and tickets, please follow the WeChat account Temple东景缘

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